• For My Father

    For My Father

    Dror Zahavi’s film gives us a modern view of a dusty brown Tel Aviv, where a suicide bomber falls in love as he waits for a replacement part to complete his mission to blow up an Israeli market.

  • Pictures of People, Prone.

    Digital and independent media have made the struggle between Israel and Hezbollah the most graphically detailed conflict of recent years. But, argues Shelton Hull, it is more important than ever that we not be desensitized by the flood of violent images still coming in every day.

  • Distorted Morality

    Noam Chomsky’s name is bound to raise hackles on the right and tears of joy on the left. His actual views aren’t as easy to pigeonhole, as James Mann attests.

  • It’s Not Just Me…

    David Lee Beowulf wants you to know that he is not a blog, and then he wants to give you a heady dose of political and social common sense! Sure to infuriate! Sure to provoke thought!

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