• Holiday Time 2007-08

    Marshall Presnell throws a bunch of pencil shavings and rusty nails in the holiday punch. Not much “up” as the year draws to a close, unfortunately.

  • Smirk All You Want, We’ll Make War

    Marshall Presnell cheers big comfy couches and Barack Obama, while jeers are doled out to stripping away OSHA’s regulatory power and lack of movement on the “I” word.

  • Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation

    Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation

    Marshall Presnell is transported back to an age of sugary plastic heat when thumbing through this new retrospective of postwar animation and cartooning.

  • L.A. Lofts

    L.A. Lofts

    Marshall Presnell steps back and admires both the beauty and utility presented in this photo collection of innovative loft spaces.

  • Striking Images

    Striking Images

    Marshall Presnell finds hidden truths about America on the back of a matchbook. Or, in this case, a handsomely printed volume full of reproductions of the best (and worst) of vintage matchbook art.

  • Even if I didn’t say it, you’d understand it instinctively

    Marshall Presnell starts with the big concepts, like the sun, and works his way down, down, down to John Diebold in this installment of 2 Up 2 Down.

  • The Water That Makes Your Mouth Water

    The long-awaited return of Marshall Presnell‘s design musings! He’s got a love letter for Boeing, a need to find out what Dasani execs are smoking (and how he can get some), and he’s come to praise the prez not bury…. wait, he wants to do both.

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