• Robin’s Blue

    Robin’s Blue

    A young woman runs away from home, has a series of unhappy relationships, falls into professional sex and cocaine, and then cleans up and enters culinary school.

  • Madonna


    When given the chance to see Madonna, on a moment’s notice and four hours away, Jen Cray abandons all responsibilities, hightails it to Miami, and enjoys every sleep-deprived second of the journey!

  • Little Dragon

    Little Dragon

    Sweden’s Little Dragon played at the Electric Pickle for their first visit to Miami, and in spite of bad sound and a ton of cops, they were able to put on a great show with opener Billygoat for a very appreciative crowd. Eric Donath was there to happily soak it all in before a quick, law enforcement-induced exit.

  • Slayer


    Three of thrash metal’s infamous Big Four recently teamed up and proved to be the mightiest force to hit South Florida since Hurricane Andrew. Chris Long was on hand for the American Carnage Tour with Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax.

  • Ultra Music Festival

    Ultra Music Festival

    Ultra Music Festival celebrates a decade as dance music’s spiritual soul. S D Green makes the pilgrimage to Miami, is lost, and then found.

  • Sasha & John Digweed Present…Delta Heavy

    Sasha & John Digweed Present…Delta Heavy

    Sasha & Digweed finally release a videologue of their infamous 2002 nationwide US tour, blood, sweat and beats all included. But is it worth the price of admission? Kiran Aditham finds out.

  • Enon

    Enon took the stage at Revolver in Miami, FL for an outstanding, yet completely unappreciated show. Except for Dylan Garret. He gets it.

  • Clubland

    Investigative journalist Frank Owen pulls us into the ruthless (yet colorful and well-accessorized) world of ’90s New York and Miami club scenes. Dylan Garret likes the nightlife. He likes to boogie.

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