• Arielle


    Mind Lion. Review by Michelle Wilson.

  • Silversun Pickups

    Silversun Pickups

    Silversun Pickups triumph at The Plaza Live in Orlando!

  • Torres


    Sprinter (Partisan Records). Review by Jen Cray.

  • Muse


    The ear-shattering beauty and wildly colorful spectacle of Muse overtakes Orlando, and Jen Cray.

  • 2:54


    2:54 (Fat Possum). Review by Jen Cray.

  • Phoenix


    If Phoenix’s debut Orlando performance is any indication of its future, the little French band is finally beginning to see the fruits of its decade-long labor. An enthusiastic sold-out crowd that included Jen Cray greeted the band with open arms.

  • Silversun Pickups

    Silversun Pickups

    Jen Cray was absorbed in Silversun Pickups’ sonic swirl of gorgeous distortion and dreamy pop as the band opened its summertime tour at Orlando’s Hard Rock Live.

  • Kites


    You and I in the Kaleidoscope (Unsigned). Review by S D Green.

  • God or Julie

    God or Julie

    This Road Before (Trash Box Records). Review by Andrew Ellis.

  • Siberian


    With Me (Sonic Boom). Review by Linda Tate.

  • The Rentals

    The Rentals

    They haven’t put out an album of new music in 8 years, and you probably haven’t thought of them in as long, but The Rentals are back with not just a new album but with a tour to back it up. Jen Cray caught the show in Orlando.

  • Dredg


    Live at the Fillmore (Interscope). Review by Addam Donnelly.

  • A Paper Tiger

    A Paper Tiger

    For a band that is less than two years old, the guys of A Paper Tiger know what they’re doing when it comes to music– and they’re doing it extremely well. Brittany Sturges catches up with the band over a cup of coffee and some food.

  • As Tall As Lions

    As Tall As Lions

    (Triple Crown). Review by Jen Cray.

  • People In Planes

    People In Planes

    If People In Planes don’t blow your mind then you’re not really listening! Jen Cray spoke with guitarist Peter Roberts about getting dropped from EMI and finding love in a foreign country.

  • Josh Berger of Omnisoul

    Josh Berger of Omnisoul

    From the dormroom to the stage, Delaware’s own Omnisoul are preparing to release their first CD. Brittany Sturges reckons you should prepare to make them your favorite band.

  • Lovedrug


    Daniel Mitchell discusses unit shifting with Michael Shepard of majestic rock guys Lovedrug.

  • The Snake The Cross The Crown

    The Snake The Cross The Crown

    Mander Salis (Equal Vision). Review by Daniel Mitchell.

  • Muse

    Showbiz (Maverick). Review by Jim Presnell

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