• Too Cool to be Forgotten

    Too Cool to be Forgotten

    Alex Robinson’s latest graphic novel takes you back to a place you might not be ready for – 10th grade. Bruce Phillips enjoys the trip.

  • Lower Regions

    Lower Regions

    Andrew Coulon figures that it might be best to keep your twelve-sided dice on hand, just in case, when reading through Alex Robinson’s freewheeling homage to Red Sonja and Dungeons & Dragons.

  • Essex County Vol. 2: Ghost Stories

    Essex County Vol. 2: Ghost Stories

    Andrew Coulon follows Jeff Lemire back to Essex County in this second volume of Lemire’s graphic novel series, and finds it a sad but very beautiful place to be.

  • Super Spy

    Super Spy

    Matt Kindt’s new graphic novel recaptures the shadowy espionage of World War II. Carl F Gauze knows thirteen ways to kill you if you happen to glance at him talking into his shoe.

  • Regards from Serbia

    Regards from Serbia

    Graphic journalist Alexsandar Zograf has recently had his strips amalgamated and published as Regards from Serbia. Eric J. Iannelli wonders how it stacks up against existing graphic accounts of the Balkan civil wars of the ’90s.

  • Feeble Attempts

    Feeble Attempts

    An odds-and-ends collection from this Illinois-based cartoonist.

  • Tales From the Farm – Essex County Vol. 1

    Tales From the Farm – Essex County Vol. 1

    Carl F Gauze finds that this new graphic novel is more than just the story of a boy and his farm – it’s a gritty look at the isolation, boredom and human cost of living off the land.

  • BOP! More Box Office Poison

    Indie, small press, SPX, comic, realistic story, great art, slacker,BOP! – More Box Office Poison,by Alex Robinson,Top Shelf Productions,Joe Frietze

  • BOP! — More Box Office Poison

    BOP! — More Box Office Poison

    No, it isn’t the Ben Affleck story. It’s a reprint of several stand alone pieces that comic creator James Robinson did not feel fit in with the overall story when the BOP omnibus volume was printed. Joe Frietze says it whetted his appetite for more, which in itself is more than anyone’s said about Ben Affleck in years, the poor dope.

  • Box Office Poison

    Alex Robinson’s Box Office Posion just won him the comics industry’s Eisner Award for "Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition." Julio Diaz expains why that award is so richly deserved.

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