• Ramen Shop

    Ramen Shop

    A young man searches for the secrets of his family and great Ramen.

  • Mikael


    Overweight and middle aged, Mikael Kawa loses his wife and compensates by traveling to Kurdistan and trying out for the local professional soccer team. You CAN go home. Sort of.

  • Love Me

    Love Me

    “Overweight male gun nut seeks hot Ukrainian woman. Must be willing to travel.” Carl F Gauze investigates a film that details just who is involved here.

  • Ray Charles

    Ray Charles

    The Genius Hits The Road (Concord Records). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • A Journey into the Transcendentalists’ New England

    A Journey into the Transcendentalists’ New England

    Carl F Gauze heartily recommends this specialized travel book about the Transcendentalist movement and the Boston area. He doesn’t mention, though, if they’ve set up a breakfast nook in Thoreau’s old jail cell from Civil Disobedience.

  • Hostel


    A backpacking adventure in a small Slovakian town turns deadly. Brittany Sturges gets the chills.

  • Acts Five, Six, Seven, Eight

    A strange train ride that threatens to never end. Jason Nelson records stray observations and relishes the quick brush of a pretty girl’s arm.

  • Henry Rollins: Live at Luna Park

    In the Spring of 1999, Henry Rollins was challenged to appear each Wednesday for eight weeks, and give a different spoken word performance each time. Joe Frietze gives us the rundown on this DVD chronicle.

  • Coffee, Tea or Thanksgiving?

    Why is Carl F. Gauze thankful for travel? Find out.

  • Taking A Trip On A Bus

    This is applaudable. What is not applaudable is the proficious amounts of pornography and various hallucinogenic drugs they bring along with them. I have nothing against the porn (or the drugs, for that matter); however, a bus station is not a fun place to begin seeing the walls move inwards and outwards in time with your heartbeat.

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