• Aspie Seeks Love

    Aspie Seeks Love

    A man with Asperger’s syndrome looks high and low for a woman to love as we learn about the details of his condition.

  • The Best of Write Now!

    The Best of Write Now!

    Hey kid! Wanna write comics? Carl F Gauze suggests you read Danny Fingeroth‘s collection of interviews and articles from Write Now!, a magazine for Super Hero cartoonists, first.

  • The Dialogue

    The Dialogue

    Screenwriter John Hamburg discusses his career with host Mike De Luca as part of this dvd interview series with Hollywood’s top scribes. Carl F Gauze wants to do lunch.

  • Creatures And Gizmos

    Digital media wizard Jason Nelson returns to his old Flash Fictions stomping grounds with tales of gas-guzzling dingoes, baggies full of holy water, and disappearing boxes.

  • Listen, Grasshopper

    Music journalism isn’t as easy or as glamorous as it seems. It requires a lot of hard work, and no small amount of talent. You’re never gonna pay the rent through writing when you treat it like a hobby! Holly Day reveals that belief in a good, old-fashioned work ethic is the key to success in this (or any) field.

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