• So-Called Service Station

    So-Called Service Station

    ‘Big Oil’ has slowly taken us on a cultural down-hill slide in more ways than one. We’ve come to accept the idea of every customer working for them. Like any most any behemoth, give them enough rope, they’ll eventually hang themselves in front of some of us, like they did in front of David Whited.

  • The Dark Of The Matinee

    The Dark Of The Matinee

    Now that the lights are on and the popcorn’s been swept off the floor, Rob Levy reflects on the year in films.

  • Things I Noticed In 2004

    Things I Noticed In 2004

    So maybe it doesn’t all fall on the same calendar. It all still merits a mention, or so James Mann thinks.

  • 19 Ways to Use a Crappy CD

    19 Ways to Use a Crappy CD

    Are there really 19 ways to use a CD that you just don’t like? Tim Wardyn thinks so.

  • Albums that got me through 2004

    Albums that got me through 2004

    Pop gems, nostalgia, stars, retro-dance, electric disco, New Wave, alternative, and Broadway. Yes, Virginia, this is Ben Varkentine‘s list of great albums for 2004.

  • Hope That Things Are Getting Better

    Hope That Things Are Getting Better

    Listmania continues, with Rob Levy‘s Top 19 albums for 2004.

  • 19 Dead Cool Celebrities of 2004

    19 Dead Cool Celebrities of 2004

    Millions of people died in 2004. Carl F Gauze picks his 19 favorites.

  • The Erotic Museum

    A visit to the Erotic Muesum reveals an electic view of sexuality. Carl F Gauze maintains his composure.

  • Surreal Reality

    James Mann watches the WB’s The Surreal Life and gets entirely too worked up. Chill, dude.

  • Varkentine on Film 2003

    The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Finding Nemo, and… you mean there were other movies released in the theaters, on DVD, or shown on cable last year? Ben Varkentine insists that this is so.

  • The Top 19 Rock Quotes of 2003

    The year 2003 isn’t officially over until we’ve had Gail Worley’s picks from the mountain of interviews she did over those twelve months. It’s a rock zeitgeist!

  • Caustic Eye from a Straight Guy

    For a brief while, James Mann puts the old 78s down and clues us in on those few things he liked in 2003 that weren’t around in 2002.

  • Cheap In The End, Round In The Middle

    Daniel Mitchell enjoys the occasional musico-archaelogical jaunt through the wonderful world of Ohio record shop dollar bins; what follows are his top 19 finds of 2003.

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