• Ray Charles

    Ray Charles

    Genius: The Ulitmate Collection (Concord Music Group). Review by Phil Bailey.

  • Katie Herzig

    Katie Herzig

    Apple Tree (Marion-Lorraine Records). Review by Phil Bailey.

  • The Flash Companion

    The Flash Companion

    If Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, the Pied Piper, and Captain Boomerang live on your bookshelf, you’ll be wanting this in-depth history of The Flash, from historians and the people who created him.

  • Death Note (Desu Nōto)

    Death Note (Desu Nōto)

    The first of two live-action films based on the manga/anime/videogame, Death Note, is now available on DVD. It ain’t no Sin City, says Phil Bailey.

  • The Amicus Collection

    The Amicus Collection

    Dark Sky Films has repackaged and reissued a DVD box set of three classic horror films from British horror factory Amicus. Phil Bailey settles in for a long evening of Lovecraft adaptations, tastefully ripped nightgowns, and Peter Cushing!

  • Kaiju Big Battel

    Wrestling meets rubber suited monsters in a supposedly wicked good time…or is it? Phil Bailey is not quite convinced.

  • Render

    Phil Bailey spends a little time with one of music’s true iconoclasts via her new DVD, Render: Spanning Time With Ani DiFranco.

  • Laura Minor

    Salesman’s Girl (Hightone). Review by Phil Bailey.

  • Japan For Sale

    Volume Two (Sony). Review by Phil Bailey.

  • The Reputation

    The Reputation (Initial). Review by Phil Bailey.

  • Mezzo Forte

    Controversial anime master Yasuomi Umetsu is back with his latest project, Mezzo Forte. Phil Bailey takes a look at the decidedly adult director’s cut on DVD.

  • The Blast Rocks

    The Blast Rocks at Van Gogh’s in Pensacola, FL on February 13, 2002. Concert review and photos by Phil Bailey.

  • I Love Stickers

    Phil Bailey exhibits his love of documenting the indie music of the ’90s through stickers, and starts on a new project for the new decade.

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