Noonday Underground

Noonday Underground



Like the Propellerheads’ collaboration with Shirley Bassey in “History Repeating,” Noonday Underground’s sound is a heady mix of digital looping and deep soulful voice. Featuring the talents of Simon Dine (Adventures In Stereo) and vocalist Daisy Martey, Noonday Underground’s music ranges from an easy swinging beat (“London”) to the eerie and unclassifiable (“We Saw the Midnight,” “The Good Old Summertime”), all composed from a near-recognizable collage of vintage samples. The combination results in a sound that belongs not in past, present or future, but in some strange quantum gap in between. Unique and irresistible, Noonday Underground (and Self-Assembly) push boundaries previously established by The Beatles, Stereolab, and Portishead in new and unexpected directions.


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