Ad Noctum

Ad Noctum

Limbonic Art


Ad Noctum play black metal so fast and furious that hearing an individual drum beat is, at times, impossible. In a way, that’s pretty amazing drumming; in another sense, though, it’s kind of moronic.

Ad Noctum’s logo is actually pretty cool. It’s red (usually these bands leave their label black, which makes it even harder to read) and the letters are nicely formed, giving the listener and easier time of knowing what band is playing. I appreciated that.

These guys’ songs are a lot more varied that most of their labelmates’ music. These guys can play as fast as any band I’ve ever heard (even early Napalm Death), yet they’re capable of knowing that slowing things down can be just as effective… even more so. The fourth track, “Dynasty Of Death,” is one of the album’s slower tracks, but it’s also one of the rockin’-est.

The only problem with these black metal bands, and I’ll scream it at the top of my lungs, is that they need to have more low end in their guitars! I can’t stand how corny the guitars sound without the bass turned up a little bit. Throw me a bone here, people!

If you’re into black metal, this’ll be your forte. Be aware, though, that this is kind of theatrical sounding at parts, so if you don’t like that, stay away from this one.

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