New Radiant Storm King

New Radiant Storm King

Winter’s Kill

Rainbow Quartz

Having been around for quite some time now, this could be the one that gives Massachusetts’ New Radiant Storm King their well-deserved break. Subtle but hugely upbeat college-rock, like Pavement covering The Beach Boys, or like Hüsker Dü jamming with Tom Petty, this album is spilling over with ideas and hooks, making each song a radio hit in a better world. “Golden Parachute” is glorious, psychedelic trash, “Colony Falls” is power-popping prog, “Constellation Prize” is enjoyably cynical retro-indie, while the title track is pure, unadulterated, moody pop. And so on. Too good to be ignored, NRKS have made a truly impressive album that will stay stuck in your CD player for a very long time.

Rainbow Quartz Records:

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