The Scaries

The Scaries


Law Of Inertia

This is full force, fuel-driven, emo-pop-punk stuff; this is totally singable, rocking, toe-tapping emo-core. The pace of the songs on Souvenir is fast-to-blistering, yet the melodies are so singable that one rarely notices just how incredible speedy the songs are!

The Scaries are from Chapel Hill, NC and it would be fair to say that they sound like Superchunk sped up and with more talent. I know it’s not right to slag Superchunk, because they were essential, in their time. Sorry about that. Anyway, the thing about The Scaries is their unbridled urgency and fevered delivery. I’m reminded of early ’80s postpunk bands like Hüsker Dü or Bad Religion when listening to these guys, although The Scaries are way poppier than either of those bands.

This is just a really good pop punk record. Fans of Get Up Kids, early Promise Ring, New Found Glory, and other bands of that sort will absolutely love this. These guys deserve some recognition, badly.

Law of Inertia Records:

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