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Blue Sky Goodbye

The Identity EP


One word: Jawbreaker. The guys in Blue Sky Goodbye have a major Jawbreaker complex, and The Identity EP is enough evidence to put these guys away for life.

To be frankly honest, though, Jawbreaker was a great band; is there any harm in copying them now, so many years after their demise? No, not really, because there’s a ton of bands, other than this one, doing this type of “punk.”

The songs on this four song tidbit are solid rockers from start to finish. The guitars actually remind me of Green Day from time to time, especially on “Friday Night Suport Group” (it sounds as if they copied the blueprint of Dookie on this song). This song is probably my favorite, as it is singable, hard rockin’, and fast-paced.

I really couldn’t tell the other three songs apart, as they sounded like carbon copies of each other. Like I said, though, if you have to on a band’s junk, Jawbreaker’s a pretty good band to copy. Fans of Jawbreaker should enjoy this.

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