Beggar 7″


Sweet! I was misled by the artwork of this 7″. The cover of Beggar is a totally cheezed-out picture of a shirtless man with a vulture on his back. It looks like a picture that was drawn small, then blown up, only to make it look really messed up. I figured, “corny picture, red, black and white motif, this has got to be some bad metal.” Oh, how wrong I was.

The two songs on this 7″ are deliberate and crafty prog-math-metal works of complicated art. The instruments are all over the place, with sludgy guitar and bass, powerful drumming and a singer with a rather unique voice. He vacillates between an evil growl metalcore thing and an art rock, Justin Trosper of Unwound thing. His voice is the highlight of this truly bizarre and intricate 7″. I’d love to hear what these guys can do on a full album, with better studio equipment. This 7″ is totally worth picking up.


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