Black Cat Music

Black Cat Music

Black Cat Music

October, November

Lookout! Records

Black Cat Music is one of the many up and coming acts on Lookout! Records’ current roster. They play gnarly sounding guitar rock, with a lazy, banal vocalist who sounds like he’s really bored of singing for the band. They’ve got a lot of hype behind them, but I have no idea why.

The aforementioned vocalist reminds me of the single most annoying person on the face of the planet: Jack White. Black Cat Music’s vocalist sounds almost exactly like that jerk, and I can’t stand it. The music itself is really boring, photocopied and color-by-numbers garage rock stuff that’s supposed to rock out, but just doesn’t. Fans of Jet and The Strokes will probably think that this collection rocks, but I think it’s dull and tiresome.

I’m sorry, but there are really no redeeming qualities to this album, except its cover art, which is pretty cool. The music itself is stupid and pointless, and it makes me want to stab myself in the eye with something very sharp.

Lookout! Records:

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