Deer Tick

Deer Tick

Deer Tick

Divine Providence

Partisan Records

Deer Tick’s follow-up to last year’s The Black Dirt Sessions comes out of the gate deranged with “The Bump” — “We’re full grown men/ Who act like kids” — and then doesn’t slow down for 13 songs. From the Ramones homage, “Let’s All Go To The Bar,” or the full-bore “Something To Brag About,” this is last call, too many whiskies, think I’m gonna puke rock and roll — and proud of it. Where Black Dirt sounded a bit restrained, Deer Tick wanted this record to more embrace their live show. Now, I’ve never see them, but if Divine Providence captures them on stage, then these guys must be one hell of a good time.

Sounding a bit like the ‘Mats, or on “Clowning Around,” doing a song from the perspective of a nearly-caught John Wayne Gacy, these guys leave nothing back on their fifth record. Think I’ll grab another whiskey and join ’em. You should too.

Deer Tick:

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