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Rio en Medio – the pseudonym of Danielle Stech-Homsy (and a city in her adopted state of New Mexico, meaning “river in between”) – didn’t create a record so much as she crafted a mood. Using for the most part a baritone ukulele and her sensuous voice the 12 cuts found here exist as if in a dream. Reminding you of Devendra Banhart or the great Vashti Bunyan, she takes everything from Dave Van Ronk’s “Come Back Baby” or the prose of Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) for “The Fox & The Little Prince”, and from such disparate forms creates a sort of magic.

Joined by drummer Terry Cox and bassist Dave Roe (Johnny Cash), the record is a low-key wonder, not unlike a more subdued Massy Star (if that is possible) that engulfs you in its sound, and you’ll find yourself unable to tear yourself away. Strange energy, this Rio en Medio. Enter the river within.

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