• Clocked In

    Tied to the Mast (Radical). Review by David Lee Beowulf.

  • Shockwave

    Omega Supreme: The Complete Collection: 1996-2001 (Triple Crown). Review by Vanessa Bormann.

  • UK Subs / National Razor F.D.I.C.

    Gruesome Twosome Vol. 1 (VMS). Review by Brian Kruger.

  • Mastodon

    Lifesblood (Relapse). Review by Daniel L. Mitchell.

  • Finch

    Falling Into Place (Drive-Thru). Review by Margie Libling.

  • Gainesville Fest

    Gainesville Fest, featuring Liars Academy, Destro, Most Precious Blood, Red Roses For a Blue Lady, Glasseater, Stretch Armstrong, and others at Market Street Pub in Gainesville, FL, December 14 and 15, 2001. Event review by Brian Kruger.

  • The Jazz June

    They Love Those Who Make the Music (Initial). Review by Daniel L. Mitchell.

  • Slayer

    Nothing says "the holiday season" like a nice, long chat with Kerry King, of America’s favorite South Of Heaven metal band, Slayer. David Lee Beowulf shares the joy of the season and discusses the band’s latest gift to their fans, God Hates Us All.

  • Victory Video Collection

    The seminal Victory Records label has been responsible for some of the most influential and important hardcore acts of the last decade. Nathan T. Birk looks back at hardcore history with their new DVD, Victory Video Collection.

  • The Bell Rays

    Grand Fury (Upper Cut). Review by Anton Warner.

  • Neurosis

    What is "sound art" and how does it relate to the heavy rock of Neurosis? Nirav Soni asks Steve Von Till, guitarist for both Neurosis and their side project, Tribes Of Neurot.

  • Sense Field

    A little bit of hardcore, a little bit of power pop, a little bit of new wave, a little bit of rock and roll, and a little bit of punk — Roi Tamkin caught an eclectic show with Sense Field, the Stereo, and Lift at Atlanta’s Echo Lounge on April 27, 2000.

  • Fucking Awesome?

    But Awesome put on a great match without relying on splintering wood for their shock-value cheers. That is a mark of a true champion in ECW, when they can impress the increasingly blood-thirsty Mongol hordes with a match NOT involving blood, tables, or violence against women.

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