• Edenbridge

    Arcana (Sensory). Review by David Lee Beowulf.

  • Rhapsody

    Rain of a Thousand Flames (Steamhammer / SPV). Review by David Lee Beowulf.

  • Judas Priest

    Stand by for Exciter, as David Lee Beowulf talks with Scott Travis, drummer for the legendary Judas Priest, about the state of metal in 2002!

  • It’s Not Just Me…

    David Lee Beowulf wants you to know that he is not a blog, and then he wants to give you a heady dose of political and social common sense! Sure to infuriate! Sure to provoke thought!

  • Alchemist

    Organasm (Relapse). Review by David Lee Beowulf .

  • Twisted Sister

    Club Daze Volume II: Live in the Bars (Spitfire). Review by David Lee Beowulf.

  • Slayer

    Nothing says "the holiday season" like a nice, long chat with Kerry King, of America’s favorite South Of Heaven metal band, Slayer. David Lee Beowulf shares the joy of the season and discusses the band’s latest gift to their fans, God Hates Us All.

  • Bruce Dickinson

    The Best of Bruce Dickinson (Metal-Is). Review by David Lee Beowulf.

  • Saxon

    Killing Ground (SPV). Review by David Lee Beowulf.

  • Bal-Sagoth

    If a band takes its name from a Robert E. Howard tale, they’d better have some epic lyrical battlescapes to back it up. Symphonic metal masters Bal-Sagoth deliver on the promise of their name. David Lee Beowulf talks with swordsman — er, frontman Byron about Howard, weaponry, and metal!

  • Tony Iommi

    On the occasion of his first solo album, Iommi, Bryan Reesman sits down with the dark lord of metal himself to discuss unusual collaborations, his brief stint in Jethro Tull, and why Black Sabbath were the real inspiration behind Spinal Tap.

  • Slash’s Snakepit

    Guitar-god Slash has officially left his Guns N’ Roses days behind, concentrating full time on his one-time side project, the Snakepit. Gail Worley speaks with Slash and vocalist Rod Jackson about the dissolusion of the Gunners and the future of the Snakepit.

  • Free the West Memphis Three

    In 1993, three boys were tried and convicted for murder — not based on physical evidence, but on the grounds that they were ‘Satanists’ because they listened to heavy metal and read books by Stephen King. Despite a national outcry and an Academy Award-winning documentary on the case, the boys are still in prison. Supersuckers’ frontman Eddie Spaghetti put together a compilation to help Free the West Memphis Three, and recently discussed the compilation and the case with Sean Carswell.

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