• I Am A Knife With Legs

    I Am A Knife With Legs

    On the run from an assassin, international rock superstar Bené hides out in Los Angeles and prepares for a showdown with death. But he cannot fool death; for death knows that Bené microwaves his soup.

  • Infinite Kung Fu

    Infinite Kung Fu

    McLeod’s first full length graphic novel is an epic zombie invasion that can only be repelled by the ancient art of kung fu.

  • Bulletproof Monk

    Bulletproof, but not foolproof, this Chow Yun-Fat vehicle insults its audience and its star. Steve Stav lashes out with deadly martial accuracy — spoilers ahead!

  • The Vandals

    Internet Dating Super Studs (Kung Fu). Review by Stein Haukland.

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