• The Anti-Matter Anthology

    The Anti-Matter Anthology

    Matthew Moyer gets a crash course in hardcore history and a masterclass in interviewing bands from reading this collection of Norman Brannon’s Anti-Matter zine.

  • Panic Attack! Art In The Punk Years

    Panic Attack! Art In The Punk Years

    Despite decades of punk being neutered by the media and the marketplace, Matthew Moyer is heartened to find that the artwork collected in this retrospective still has the power to outrage and inspire.

  • Andre Herman-Dune

    Andre Herman-Dune

    Taglich Brot (Shrimper). Review by Matthew Moyer.

  • Godlike


    Carl F Gauze, who may or may not be a card-carrying member of the Blank Generation, follows punk godfather Richard Hell from the seedy world of rock to the perhaps seedier world of the written word.

  • Fat City Reprise

    Fat City Reprise

    On a cold New York night, Brittany Sturges and a gang of fellow Philly travellers take in an out-of-town gig by their hometown heroes, Fat City Reprise.

  • Manhattan Noir

    Manhattan Noir

    With the newest installment of the Noir anthology series, John Hood takes a few bloody bites out of the Big Bad Apple and savors the poisonous taste.

  • College Music Journal’s 2005 Music Marathon

    Once again, New York City signals the end of summer with a non-stop CMJ Marathon. Tracy Fay gives us her highlights in this roundup.

  • Baskervilles


    Midnight (Secret Crush). Review by Aaron Shaul.

  • Elefant


    Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid (Kemado/Hollywood). Review by Kiran Aditham.

  • End Of The Century

    End Of The Century

    Alright kids, take your seats and listen up, because Carl F Gauze is going to be screening a Very Important Film about a Very Important Band. onetwothreefour…

  • The Shemps

    The Shemps

    Spazz Out With The Shemps (Reservation Records). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • Young People

    Young People

    War Prayers (Dim Mak). Review by Matthew Moyer.

  • Skinny Puppy

    Skinny Puppy

    Kiran Aditham witnesses the rebirth of Vancouver’s art-industrial legends Skinny Puppy; blood, guts and costume changes fully intact.

  • Skinny Puppy

    Skinny Puppy, Irving Plaza, New York, Industrial, Tweaker, ,Skinny Puppy,Tweaker, Otto Von Schirach,New York, NY,June 20th, 2004,Kiran Aditham

  • The Natural History

    beat beat. heartbeat (StarTime International). Review by Troy Jewell.

  • Saddle Creek 50

    Saddle Creek Compilation (Saddle Creek). Review by Troy Jewell.

  • Clubland

    Investigative journalist Frank Owen pulls us into the ruthless (yet colorful and well-accessorized) world of ’90s New York and Miami club scenes. Dylan Garret likes the nightlife. He likes to boogie.

  • It’s Not Just Me…

    David Lee Beowulf wants you to know that he is not a blog, and then he wants to give you a heady dose of political and social common sense! Sure to infuriate! Sure to provoke thought!

  • Gena Dry

    What’s it like to be a struggling young English musician in New York when buildings start toppling? Bob Pomeroy finds out, in a conversation with newcomer Gena Dry.

  • A Time For Anger

    David Lee Beowulf weighs in with his views on the events of September 11th – complete with a reading list, natch. If you don’t throw yourself all out of whack with knee-jerk reactions, you might actually learn something.

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