• Filthy Friends

    Filthy Friends

    Invitation (Kill Rock Stars). Review by Bob Pomeroy.

  • Jobriath A.D.

    Jobriath A.D.

    This early Glam rocker was written off after he came out before anyone else then anguished in obscurity until his death from AIDS in 1982. Here’s his pitch for a Broadway musical.

  • David Bowie: Rare and Unseen

    David Bowie: Rare and Unseen

    Lost footage of David Bowie highlights awkward interviews and a general astonishment by the press at his constantly changing persona. Heh heh.

  • Rusalnaia


    Rusalnaia (Camera Obscura). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • In Exile

    Hangin’ By a Thread (Deep Space). Review by Daniel Mitchell.

  • David Bowie

    The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars: 30th Anniversary Edition (EMI). Review by James Mann.

  • Ian Hunter

    From "Cleveland Rocks" to "All the Young Dudes" to "Once Bitten Twice Shy," Ian Hunter has been involved in some of the most classic songs in rock history. Gail Worley jumped at a rare chance to talk to this rock n’ roll legend.

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