• Back Issue #69

    Back Issue #69

    The tenth anniversary edition of this fan magazine takes a retrospective look at the history of anniversary issues of other classic comic magazines.

  • Modern Masters Volume 26: Frazer Irving

    Modern Masters Volume 26: Frazer Irving

    Meet and greet famed graphic novelist Frazier Irving, illustrator of Necronauts, Season of the Witch Boy and Batman. OK, everybody’s illustrated Batman at some point, but that just proves he’s in the club.

  • Age of TV Heroes

    Age of TV Heroes

    A hardback history of Super Heroes on television, from the Man of Steel to the recent Aquaman series.

  • Captain Action

    Captain Action

    This new tome from Michael Eury brings back Matthew Moyer‘s childlike sense of wonder even better than a real, live Captain Action plastic figurine would. No mean feat.

  • Mego 8″ Super-Heroes

    Mego 8″ Super-Heroes

    Like a kid in a toystore, Matthew Moyer is agog over this photo collection devoted to Mego’s delightfully strange line of classic superhero action-figures from the late Seventies. They look like dolls to me….

  • The Best of Write Now!

    The Best of Write Now!

    Hey kid! Wanna write comics? Carl F Gauze suggests you read Danny Fingeroth‘s collection of interviews and articles from Write Now!, a magazine for Super Hero cartoonists, first.

  • Batman Begins

    Batman Begins

    The Dark Knight Returns in a whole new epic franchise. Batman has been cleaned up, overhauled and given a dark sense of realism not seen since Tim Burton’s first Batman feature back in the day. Rob Levy is spooked and overjoyed.

  • Dick Giordano: Changing Comics, One Day At A Time

    Artist and editor Dick Giordano headed DC Comics’ editorial department through the ’80s. By a strange coincidence, that happens to have been the decade of Ben Varkentine’s "golden age" as a fan, so he’s here to get filled in on all the details.

  • The Hulk

    Hulk finally has movie. Hulk becomes Ang Lee’s cinematic plaything. Hulk smash — or does he? Steve Stav, resident Marvel Comics afficionado, explores the effects of gamma radiation in his green-tinted review.

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