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James Kochalka


Matthew Moyer is enraptured with James Kochalka’s wonderfully simple and joyous mix of early Peanuts and Gahan Wilson, earnest smiles, wide eyes, and rubbery bodies. You should be, too.

Collected Jack Kirby Collector Vol. 7

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The four issues collected in Twomorrows latest Jack Kirby Collector are packed with interviews, pseudo-scholarly/analytical pieces, and metric tons of artwork from comics’ favorite “working-class kid from the Bronx.”

All Star Companion Volume Four

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Matthew Moyer recommends Twomorrows’ last volume in the All Star Companion series to pop culture scholars of all stripes. It’s an essential element to any Golden Age history, when so many originals are still out of the reach of the casual fan.

Grail Pages

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The inside skinny on collectors of original comic book art and Carl F Gauze’s take on the guys who dig pictures of men who wear their underwear outside their pants.

The Titans Companion Volume 2

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This book serves both as another great addition to your library of comics reference material and a useful mental health tool, sez Bruce Phillips! Read on…

The Flash Companion

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If Gorilla Grodd , Captain Cold , the Pied Piper , and Captain Boomerang live on your bookshelf, you’ll be wanting this in-depth history of The Flash , from historians and the people who created him.

Too Cool to be Forgotten

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Alex Robinson’s latest graphic novel takes you back to a place you might not be ready for – 10th grade. Bruce Phillips enjoys the trip.

Johnny Boo

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James Kochalka doesn’t have a three-page Amazon.com collection for nothing – he’s as prolific as he is irreverent as he is talented, and his latest children’s comic sparks a series of deep thoughts in the mind of Andrew Coulon. Put down the wookie and pick up a copy!

Rough Stuff

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Bruce Phillips gets his fingertips all inky poring over the latest Rough Stuff.

Flash Gordon, Vol. 7

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Matthew Moyer swoons like Dale Arden over this latest volume of vintage Flash Gordon reprints from the fine people at Checker Books.

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