• Six Finger Satellite

    Six Finger Satellite

    The Machine Cuisine Companion Cassette (Anchor Brain). Review by Matthew Moyer.

  • Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

    Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

    Before Today (4AD Records). Review by Matthew Moyer.

  • Twin Shadow

    Twin Shadow

    Forget (Terrible Records). Review by Jen Cray.

  • Ima Robot

    Ima Robot

    Another Man’s Treasure (Echo Park). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • Gary Numan

    Gary Numan

    British synth-pop pioneer Gary Numan hit the U.S. concert circuit this fall, much to the delight of hundreds of his most ardent Orlando followers, Chris Long among them.

  • The Faint

    The Faint

    Two similar and familiar bands collided as The Faint and Ladytron shared a co-headlining bill that included a pair of sold-out stops in New York City. With more black attire and keyboards than one could count, the two acts offered career-spanning setlists filled with their distinctive synth-pop, post-punk and new-wave sounds. Kiran Aditham witnessed night two of the dark, dancefloor delights for himself.

  • Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman

    Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman

    Destination Space (Oglio). Review by Carl F Gauze.

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