• Black Cats

    Black Cats

    Arrow Films releases two different versions of Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Black Cat,” done by two master genre filmmakers.

  • Retaliation and Society

    Retaliation and Society

    Arrow Films releases another pair of exploitation classics, a stylish Yakuza film and a ’80s body horror film.

  • The Disco Exorcist

    The Disco Exorcist

    Outrageously over-the-top homage to ’70s grindhouse movies, Disco Exorcist is loaded with nudity, gore and disco.

  • Exhumed


    Mad Surgeons, pools of red vomit, and enough guitar feedback to make your ears bleed. Exhumed gives Matthew Moyer a reason to walk in to a Cannibal Corpse show.

  • Assault of the Sasquatch

    Assault of the Sasquatch

    Mr. Sasquatch terrorizes a small town – and perhaps Carl F Gauze – after a poacher traps him by mistake.

  • Land of the Dead

    Land of the Dead

    After a long absence from the genre that he innovated, Joe Frietze witnesses George Romero’s return, to teach the young pups how to make a zombie movie. Land of the Dead hits on all cylinders, serving up classic scares while still moving his overall story along.

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