• Summer Aviation

    Summer Aviation

    Elevator (EP) (Independent). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • I Need That Record!

    I Need That Record!

    Brendan Toller’s documentary mixes interviews and animation to explain the death of the independent record store. Scott Adams comments on the eulogy.

  • Undeleted Scenes

    Undeleted Scenes

    Jeffrey Brown draws his life in very small panels.

  • The Soddyssey and Other Tales of Supernatural Law

    The Soddyssey and Other Tales of Supernatural Law

    Bruce Phillips goes all goony over this new collection of Batton Lash’s pioneering creepy/funny comic series.

  • Christmas On Mars

    Christmas On Mars

    Call me a dork if you must, but I can’t wait to ogle Wayne Coyne‘s backyard space ship and get infected with the alien spirit of Christmas. Carl F Gauze considers Christmas on Mars required watching for the 12-sided dice crowd.

  • Coffee Therapy

    Coffee Therapy

    Darnell Shacklebee relives the ups and downs of his life when all his former therapists arrive at his coffee shop. Carl F Gauze looks past perhaps the worst film packaging ever and finds much to enjoy in this homemade release.

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