• Rough Stuff

    Rough Stuff

    Bruce Phillips gets his fingertips all inky poring over the latest Rough Stuff.

  • The Best of Write Now!

    The Best of Write Now!

    Hey kid! Wanna write comics? Carl F Gauze suggests you read Danny Fingeroth‘s collection of interviews and articles from Write Now!, a magazine for Super Hero cartoonists, first.

  • The Incredible Hulk

    The Incredible Hulk

    Bruce Banner is on the run as he tries to control the beast inside of him. You wouldn’t like Rob Levy when he’s angry, but you’ll like him even less when he’s disappointed by a summer blockbuster.

  • John Romita… And All That Jazz

    John Romita… And All That Jazz

    Still depressed over that last Spider-Man movie? Matthew Moyer recommends you pick up this collection of interviews with Spidey artist extraordinaire Romita and travel back to a simpler time in Marvel Comics. Face it tiger, this is your lucky day!

  • Modern Masters Volume 10: Kevin Maguire

    Modern Masters Volume 10: Kevin Maguire

    The talent of comics artist Kevin Maguire is nothing to bwa-ha-ha about. Shaun Corley gives us the rundown on the latest edition of the Modern Masters series, which runs down Maguire’s career.

  • The Alter Ego Collection, Volume One

    The Alter Ego Collection, Volume One

    It’s just a comic, right? Wrong. Matthew Moyer examines this anthology from the celebrated fanzine Alter Ego, full of comics passion, knowledge and treasures.

  • Modern Masters Volume Eight: Walter Simonson

    Modern Masters Volume Eight: Walter Simonson

    It’s easy to appreciate a comic artist’s craft. But what goes on behind the scenes? How does a Great One get to be… well, Great? Matthew Moyer gets the scoop on Walter Simonson in the latest installment of TwoMorrow’s Modern Masters series.

  • Modern Masters: John Byrne

    Modern Masters: John Byrne

    Everyone has lots to say about John Byrne. Matthew Moyer examines this collection of interviews and art that let the man and his work speak for himself.

  • The Punisher

    Is The Punisher also punishing the audience, as many critics say? Rob Levy doesn’t think so, if you like your entertainment loud and bullet-riddled.

  • Dick Giordano: Changing Comics, One Day At A Time

    Artist and editor Dick Giordano headed DC Comics’ editorial department through the ’80s. By a strange coincidence, that happens to have been the decade of Ben Varkentine’s "golden age" as a fan, so he’s here to get filled in on all the details.

  • X2: X-Men United

    In reviewing the second installment of the X-Men series, Steve Stav reveals his secret alter-ego of "comic-book geek." Guilty pleasures (and spoilers) await…

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