• Bush: Live In Tampa

    Bush: Live In Tampa

    On a hot summer night, Bush plays to a sold out arena in Tampa, Fl, proving that there is still an audience for a high energy rock and roll show.

  • Bush


    One of the most successful rock bands of the ’90s attracted thousands of fans to its recent Orlando concert. Christopher Long was there.

  • WJRR’s Earthday Birthday – 2016

    WJRR’s Earthday Birthday – 2016

    WJRR’s annual Earthday Birthday is a daylong, sweat-soaked, outdoor concert celebration — featuring some of the biggest bands in the biz. Christopher Long found much to love on the smaller stages.

  • Bush


    After nearly a decade’s hiatus, Gavin Rossdale has relaunched BUSH, and a super sold-out show in Orlando lets Jen Cray know that she’s not the only one excited to see this band back together.

  • Apocalyptica


    Apocalyptica class up heavy metal with their unique triple cello approach, and Jen Cray is awed.

  • Bruno Mars

    Bruno Mars

    It’s Better If You Don’t Understand (Elektra). Review by Robert Sutton.

  • Gavin Rossdale

    Gavin Rossdale

    Gavin Rossdale may be a musical shapeshifter (Bush, Institute, solo), but he never fails to entertain a crowd. At his recent Orlando show, Jen Cray was bowled over by Mr. Gwen Stefani, and swept away completely by opening band Nico Vega.

  • The Toadies

    The Toadies

    Reunited after a 2001 breakup and toting a new album and tour (alongside People in Planes), The Toadies bring grunge back in a big way. Jen Cray is one of many Orlando fans reveling in the murky merriment.

  • Kingsley


    Kingsley (Blood Orange/In Music We Trust). Review by Tim Wardyn.

  • Nuclear Options

    Shelton Hull sees dire consequences resulting from our Administration’s rumblings about war with Iran, both at home and abroad. Here’s the real deal.

  • Of Physics, Planes and 9/11

    Bing Futch looks into some of the research that refutes the “official story” on 9/11.

  • U2


    U2 stop off in Tampa to remind nearly 22,000 fans that they are rock gods! Tampa responds with “Yes, you are!”

  • The Guns Of August

    Is Dick Cheney out of his freaking mind? Are we out of our freaking minds to stand by and watch Iraq Part II unfold? Bing Futch knows the answers.

  • Four More Fears

    Bing Futch gives you four very distinct issues to worry about during this upcoming presidency in this update of Dark’s Corner.

  • Bill Hicks: Better Live than Dead

    Shelton Hull takes a long look at the fiery performances of Bill Hicks and sees both comedy’s last outlaw and a prophetic Texan who understood the danger of myth and symbols.

  • God and the Machine

    President Bush is arguably seen as the leader of America’s Christians, and that’s fine with Shelton Hull. But Bush also needs to use his faith to unite and not divide. And Shelton has a pretty gonzo-tastic idea on how to do this.

  • Sleeping Giants Of America

    A delirious, dark and dizzy piece from Bing Futch reflecting on the realities of four more Bush years.

  • Election 2004: Blood on the Dancefloor

    Shelton Hull puts on the surgical gloves and gives an incisive postmortem of the 2004 Election.

  • It’s Not Easy Being Green

    Environmental terrorist George W. Bush and his posse of oil-loving compadres are slugging it out with John Kerry for the White House. Their potential failure could have something to do with a grass-roots effort that’s making huge waves across the country. The players in place, Bing Futch waits for the curtain to go up.

  • America Needs More Religion

    More than two decades into their career, Bad Religion have delivered their most focused critique of an American presidency. The Empire Strikes First pulls aside the curtain of Christianity and “homeland security” to reveal the men at the controls. Eric J. Iannelli hopes it hasn’t come too late.

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