• James Cotton Blues Band

    35th Anniversary Jam (Telarc). Review by Bill Campbell.

  • Alan Lomax 1915-2002

    America’s foremost ethnomusicologist and folklorist, Alan Lomax, passed away July 19. David Whited offers a small tribute to the man’s enormous legacy.

  • Children of the Blues

    The blues had a baby, and Art Tipaldi wrote a book about it. James Mann looks at the Children of the Blues.

  • Asie Payton

    Just Do Me Right (Fat Possum). Review by Bill Campbell.

  • Spinning Blues Into Gold

    The legacy and history of the legendary Chess Records is examined in Nadine Cohodas’ new book, Spinning Blues Into Gold. Bob Pomeroy takes the book for a spin.

  • Buckcherry

    In an unconventional interview, Gail Worley gets an in-depth, song-by-song look at the influences that inspire Buckcherry guitarist Keith Nelson. His answers just may surprise you!

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